New Patterns

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Ruffler Attachment Recommended!!

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Welcome to Kendall’s Wardrobe….. What would little girls dresses be like without ruffles??? If you haven’t yet invested in a ruffler for your sewing maching, I highly recommend it. You will have lots more fun sewing with your ruffler, then gathering by hand.

Search on ‘sewing maching ruffler attachment’ and you will likely find one suitable for your maching for about $20 bucks. Make sure you purchase for the right ‘shank style’.

Lily Pond Fabric

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We found this amazing fabric designer, Wendy Stotboom. Her Lily Pond fabric line is featured on the Fabrics tab. All the prints mix and match so well, you can get a yard of three or four prints and come up with several unique and creative outfits!!

If you find another designer that would be great for Kendall’s Wardrobe Patterns, send us that suggestion.

Kids Can Sew Too

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